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Numbers: Infinity ~ Rachel Ward review

Numbers Book 3: Infinity
Scholastic Inc.
May 1, 2012
256 pages
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Infinity (or Numbers Book 3: Infinity) the third and final book in the Numbers trilogy by Rachel Ward picks up two years after the second book, Chaos. Adam, Sarah, little Mia and Sarah's two little brothers. Struggling to survive in a world that's now nearly without government, medicine, shelter or anything they were used to just two years ago in 2027 England.

Adam can still see everyone's numbers, see the day they're going to die just by looking into their eyes.

No one's number's ever changed . . . Except for Mia's. She was supposed to die that day in the fire. Only she didn't; his Nan did. She died and Mia lived - lived and has her number now. Adam and Sarah don't know if Nan gave it to her or if . . . something else happened.

And now it looks like there are others out there who want Adam and Mia, want them and their secret and the possibility to live forever it may bring. The Chaos might be over but they danger's still very real.

I started this series by reading Numbers after selecting it at random when ordering some random UK published books to buy (Stolen was another one of them). I absolutely found it by chance, selected it because it sounded amazing and then read it because a) of the sounding amazing and b) I love the cover (I'm still super fond of those UK covers). Rachel Ward and her Numbers trilogy absolutely make the case for going to a bookstore/bookseller website and finding a book you've never heard of that just sounds really intriguing and buying it!

Okay, now onto why Infinity was such a brilliant conclusion to the series: We've moved forward in time a lot from the first book which was about Adam's mum Jem and her ability to see the numbers, the trouble it caused for her and the big, mass death event that she foresaw. While sometimes it's odd to have books jump in time - that one fifteen or so years to book two, this one two years from book two - it feels oddly cohesive with this series.

Numbers and The Chaos both featured big events where a lot of people died - a dramatically large number in The Chaos - there needed to be time between the novels. It allowed the events of each to be dramatic while still being logical and it put the characters in the right mindset for the desired events.

After reading The Chaos I never, ever would have guessed at the plot of Infinity but I adore it massively. It has quite a different feel from the other two books. The world is obviously very different after The Chaos and we get to see just how different in Infinity - we also get to see how those events have affected the people that are still around.

The characters are fantastic this time around (again). We get to see Sarah's strength again. More so as a mother this time as she fights to protect her children - both biological and adopted - against some crazy odds (and people). It's nice to also see a bit of Mia. Though she's only two she is quite a large part of the story. Adam, of course, is a big part of the book - and in some different ways than before  now that his situation is so different having spent two years with Sarah and Mia and the boys and lost his grandmother.

Infinity is a great wrap-up to the series that started with Jem and her secret and now ends with Adam, Mia and Sarah. The world is undeniably changed but Rachel Ward's ability to tell a brilliant story, keep you guessing, and holding on until the very last page is still very much present.

Rating: 10/10

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