Wednesday, April 18, 2012

THE RIGHT & THE REAL trailer launch

Last week I was lucky enough to have  Joëlle Anthony be a guest for my Spring Break Blog Spectacular (you can find her interview and a giveaway of The Right & The Real her upcoming - April 26 US and May 1 Canada - release here) - today I get be part of her Birthday Book Trailer Launch Party!!

(It's  Joëlle's birthday yesterday - so take a second to wish her a Happy Birthday in the comments?)

All of the info - synopsis, Goodreads link, ordering links, etc for The Right & The Real and  Joëlle can be found here.

I absolutely, most definitely loved The Right & The Real - it's one I whole-heartedly recommend and do so without reservation. If my review wasn't enough to convince you, I hope the trailer will! (And if it was, I hope you'll still watch the trailer anyway.

Thank you :-) and thank you Joëlle Anthony for letting me take part - hope you have a brilliant birthday!

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