Monday, April 30, 2012

Divergent/Insurgent Factions: Erudite

Today's #TeamI'mNotSure Divergent/Insurgent post is about the Erudite faction!

Why #TeamErudite?
Those in Erudite are all about learning and education. They're the ones responsible for advances in medicine and science. They study a lot, highly value intelligence and believe knowledge - not violence - will solve conflict.

Erudite faction members "Must wear at least one blue article of clothing, which causes the body to release calming chemicals" -Divergent pg 348 (from So, while the blue is required, not only does it have good motivation, it also leaves room for options. The color of every item of clothing is not dictated like in other factions. Erudites still have some choices.

Why not #TeamErudite?

Well, once simple thing is that they don't have pets - they don't make sense.

They've also used their 'knowledge' to corrupt things, especially with Dauntless and Abnegation. They spend time studying, working for knowledge and intelligence but they seem to be misusing it - especially at the end of Divergent. I applaud their goal (initial goal) but not the end result they seem to have achieved.

Plus, who doesn't want a dog (or cat), logical or not?

Erudite Faction News on Tumblr, Factions page on

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