Friday, April 27, 2012

Divergent/Insurgent Factions: Dauntless

Welcome to post three of #TeamI'mNotSure - the posts, each about one of the factions from Divergent, each pointing out both the good as well as maybe not so good points of the faction will hopefully help me decide which faction team I'm on.

Today's post is about Dauntless . . .

Why #TeamDauntless?

[Divergent spoilers to follow]
Dauntless is the faction Tris chooses in Divergent.

Dauntless is, of course, undaunted. They are brave, fearless - especially when faced with dangerous situations or frightening experiences. Things that would normally give others pause (cause people to panic, think through why doing something is a horrible idea, dangerous, a bad idea, etc) those in Dauntless do without pause.

In Dauntless they're known for being brave and for their ability to fight. In the Dauntless initiation, Tris and the other initiates face a lot of fights against each other - sometimes brutal ones.

Dauntless wears all black - but they also have tattoos (Tris got some in Divergent) and piercings. So, while Amity supposedly has the only artists, Dauntless has some of some sort if they can get tattoos, right?

And black clothes can look good.

Also, while other factions hate each other, Dauntless appears neutral with everyone.

Why not Dauntless?

Weirdly, though Dauntless would probably end up scaring me and I honestly might not be able to handle it - the fear simulations and everything kind of freak me out a little bit - I have the least reasons for not being '#TeamDauntless.'

Aside from not being violent (which okay, that's a pretty big 'nay' right there), I just don't think I would completely fit in with the constantly being fearless, adrenaline!yay let's go attitude of Dauntless.

I do think they're necessary for the way the world of Divergent works however. They guard the city and if you're going to have someone guard you, it can be good to have them be fearless. Though, at times, the slight reservation that just a hint of fear would give you, might be someone - or everyone's - saving grace.

(Also, I would want to wear something colorful every once in a while.)

I really am going to think on that 'all the artists are in Amity but the tattoos are in Dauntless' thing now, however . . .

Dauntless Faction News on Tumblr and Factions page on

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