Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Divergent/Insurgent Factions: Amity

Here's the second of my #TeamI'mNotSure Divergent/Insurgent posts where I discuss the pros of each of the factions - and why I haven't yet decided on being 100 percent for any faction just yet . . . hopefully these posts will help me decide. Either that, or I'll know more about them at the end!

So, why #TeamAmity?

Amity, the peaceful faction dresses in yellow and reds and the people that belong to it are known for their peacefulness and kindness ("Those who blamed aggression formed Amity.")

Amity has the farms, they provide the counselors and caretakers as well as the only artists.

The artists part is definitely a plus for me being yay!Amity . . . I think of Amity as kind of the hippies of the factions. They're all for the music and arts and friendship and kindness. They greet one another with hugs. I would likely need the art and music in any faction I was in and as artists seem only to be (or seem to only be) in Amity, that's almost, almost enough right there to make me completely #TeamAmity.

My only reservation, though, is about they're putting 'peace' above all us . . . above anything that disrupts the calm order of things. I'm not saying I want chaos but a little disorder for the sake of honesty, airing some grievances, etc might be needed.

Being for peace above and forgetting all else can lead to trouble.

"Those who seek above all else, they say, will always deceive to keep the water calm." (Google books really needs to give me pages when I use it to find my exact quotes! but this is in Divergent) Meaning you can lie a little if it keeps things nice and calm - sometimes true but overall will lead to trouble.

Keeping the peace is fantastic, but sometimes you need to have an argument to really get your feelings out in the open and resolve issues.

Maybe it's the Latin I took but I can't help thinking of: Si vis pacem, para bellum (If you wish for peace, prepare for war). While that doesn't mean literally war (always, at least) it does mean will and strength, I think. Which, I would believe includes honesty . . . which gets to Candor (who Amity does not like).

AmityFactionNews on Tumblr and Amity on Divergent Wiki

I do think I'm a little bit closer to picking one of them at the end, though . . . we'll see if I just get more confused as I do the rest of the posts!

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