Saturday, April 14, 2012

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After seeing more than a few people on the internet talk about Benedict Cumberbatch and the new BBC show Sherlock (airing in the US on PBS), I decided to see what all the fuss was about.

While I haven't read a ton of Sherlock Holmes stories (I do have one of the B&N Classics Collection books), I have very much enjoyed those that I have read - and plan to read some more. I love the mystery of them and how they really do rely on so much observation. When you read Sherlock Holmes stories (or see movies/shows that are based on them) it's easy to see how many modern day detective - and even non-detective - tales have their inspiration there.

I started Sherlock (my library has the DVDs) without really any knowledge of what it was other than a modern Sherlock Holmes. in Sherlock, Cumberbatch stars as Holmes, Martin Freeman is Doctor John Watson. Holmes is an arrogant, eccentric consultant for the London police, someone who has an almost uncanny ability to help them solve crimes and Watson, introduced in the first episode is an Afghan war veteran who isn't sure how he feels about Holmes but is would like to help.

If you like shows like House or Monk or if you like detective shows or if you're just looking for another great BBC show to watch, you definitely need to give Sherlock a try. The episodes are long (ninety minutes) really giving the story time to play out well - for the mystery to develop fully and come to a proper conclusion. Things aren't rushed and we get to see a proper Sherlock Holmes case. The interaction between Holmes (Cumberbatch) and Watson (Freeman) is also really fantastic. They're different than the classic Holmes and Watson but I wouldn't have them any other way.

I'm really glad Sherlock fans were so vocal in internet comments (prompting me to give this show a shot) because I do love it - and now I can't wait to see where the second season goes . . . only wish there were more episodes or less of a wait between them!

The first season (as well as the second and likely the third) consist of three ninety minute episodes. The first season episodes, "A Study in Pink," "The Blind Banker," and "The Great Game" aired in 2010 . The first season is available on DVD and BluRay now.

The second season/series aired in the UK in January and will air on PBS on 6, 13, and 20th May and be available on DVD and BluRay just a few days later on 22 May.

(I haven't been able to find any repeat airings of the first three episodes before season two starts - if I find them, I'll update this.)

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