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12 Days of Morganvile Madness [Part 2]: Midnight Alley ~ Rachel Caine review & Giveaway

Rachel Caine Q&A: here

Midnight Alley (#3)
October 2, 2007
245 pagse
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(does contain spoilers for the first two books, Glass Houses and Dead Girls Dance)

Morganville is such a nice place to live... And die. If you don’t mind that sort of thing.

When Claire Danvers learnt that her college town was run by vampires, she did what any intelligent, self-preserving student would do: she applied for a transfer and stocked up on garlic. The transfer is no longer an option, but that garlic may come in handy.

Now Claire has pledged herself to Amelie, the most powerful vampire in town. The protection her contract secures does little to reassure her friends. All of a sudden, people are turning up dead, a stalker resurfaces from Claire’s past, and an ancient bloodsucker extends a chilling invitation for private lessons in his secluded home.
Full of action and with more than a sprinkling of danger, Midnight Alley will hold readers until the last page. Until the last line.

To help save everyone when Shane's father and the biker gang were in town, Claire is now pledged to Amelie. At first she doesn't have much idea what that will entail, but soon it starts to become apparent - both the odd and maybe annoying things . . . as well as the potential dangerous ones.

As it is still Morganville, Claire, Eve and the boys are definitely not out of danger - even with Amelie's protection. A vampire now living in the house has new people watching them and new dangerous waiting, as well.

Myrnin, Claire's tutor adds some terrific spice to the novel. Not only is it great to have a new - and incredibly interesting - character added - what he introduces to the story seems like it might play out for quite a while.

I absolutely loved all of the action in Midnight Alley - it was definitely not lacking and was fantastic - and the ending is one that will have you happy you've bought the Morganville Vampires: Volume 2 that has book 4 in it (or, like me, rushing to find where you stashed Feast of Fools or buy it). There wasn't quite as much character or relationship progression as I might have liked, though. With this only being Book 3 - and happening over a not very long time period - I think it probably is coming.

Overall, this was an incredibly enjoyable (and quick) read that leaves you needing to know what happens next.

Rating: 8/10


One winner (US addresses only, sorry international peoples) will winner a prize pack that includes a signed copy of Book 3 Midnight Alley and a Black Dawn (Book 12 - out May 1) bookmark!

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  1. I haven't read the series but it sounds so action-packed!

    And the vampire lore is so unique - I'd love to know more about how vampires run a college town!

  2. Really enjoyed the interview. This is one of my all time favorite series. I absolutely love them. Thanks for the great giveaway!!! Can't wait to read the new book. I already have it preordered!!!

  3. I love the Morganville series and can' wait to read Blackdawn

  4. Everyone always talking about them would like o read

  5. I've only read Glass Houses (audio-book) so far, but it's excellent refreshing read. I have this whole series in my to-read wish-lists. Thank you for the chance to win!!
    DeAnna Schultz

  6. I really need to read this series. This blog tour is getting me excited! Thanks for the chance to win. I love that I will be able to read 11 books already published, without long waiting for the next to be published.

  7. I've tried to read this series but being a mood reader I had to quite it halfway through the first book - I think I was over inundated with Vampires. Now it has been some time and I can't wait to pick up back up again!!

  8. I love the Morganville series.

  9. I read the Q&A but didn't understand a whole lot since I haven't started the series yet. I did like that she researched alchemy. That's inspiring!

  10. I've only read the first two books of the series, but so far I'm in LOVE with it! The characters are so funny!

  11. I love the Morganville books :) thanks for the giveaway crossing my fingers

  12. i haven't read all the books in the series, but i've loved the ones i've read : )

  13. I love every single Character they are awesome :) Thanks for the giveaway

  14. I think the series has great character development and I love the plot that is infused in every book. Vampires are my favorite genre, so you just can't go wrong. sdylion(at)gmail(dot)com

  15. I like action and female heroes. Thanks can't wait to start reading.

  16. This series is such a wonderfully fun and entertaining series to read. I've been following it since the first book was released and Rachel Caine is definitely one of my favorite authors. The action and the characters are just stunningly vivid and full of life or um, un-dead life and the darkness tempered against the comedic is perfection.

    Suz @ A Soul Unsung
    Glass Houses by Rachel Caine Giveaway!

  17. I really enjoy this is one of only a handful that I read that my daughter can also read. If only I had it in print. Gotta work on that!

  18. I was fairly recently turned on to this series and have read books 1 and 2 and really looking forward to continuing the journey. It sounds like it just gets better. Thank you for sharing your thoughtful review:)

  19. Morganville series is one of the best I've read!

  20. I am reading Last Breath right now!!! SO looking forward to this!!!

  21. Such a great series! Morganville has some of the most original characters I've ever come across.

  22. This is one of my favorite series! I only regret thay it took me so long to read these books, but I am extremely happy that I finally did. Cannot wait for Black Dawn to come out!

  23. I've been wanting to start this series for some time... :)

  24. One of my top three favorite series. I am counting down the days!!!


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