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Goddess Interrupted ~ Aimee Carter (eARC) review

Goddess Interrupted (The Goddess Test #2)
Harlequin Teen
March 27, 2012
304 pages
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After spending her summer in Greece with James (aka Hermes), Kate is ready to spend her fall and winter with Henry – in the underworld. Only, Henry doesn’t seem particularly thrilled at Kate’s return. And it looks like Calliope isn’t quite done causing trouble for Kate.

Passing the tests and gaining immortality was not supposed to be the easy part of the equation. Kate (just barely) managed those, though. Now, she has to figure out a husband who seems all but indifferent to her and an attack from the only thing powerful enough to kill Henry and the other Gods, the King of the Titans.

The attack come in the middle of Kate’s coronation as Queen of the Underworld and soon she’s not only adjusting to life in the underworld, trying to figure out where she stands with Henry – does he even want her there? – but they’re all also in a fight for their lives. The only one they can actually lose. 

I read this before reading The Goddess Hunt so it feels like you pick up without a lot of refresher on what happened in The Goddess Test. It’s always nice to have some reminder of where the story is starting (so you know what’s going on) – as things get going though, enough either is mentioned or the story helped me to remember that it worked.

With The Goddess Test I did wish for more Henry and I have to say that didn’t change with this book. If anything, for the first 75 percent or so, there was less Henry than there was in the first book.  It is nice that issues (between/with the characters) from the first book in the series are brought up and expanded, resolved, explored in this second book.  It’s nice to see the background of some of the things already mentioned – and see where those things go.

Some of the ‘action’ sequences seemed to resolve quickly, leaving me having to go back and reread what exactly happened. Things are really strongest when the characters and their relationships are involved. With gods and goddesses – and their millennia of  history – are involved things can be dramatic and intriguing without being melodramatic or too much. I’m really looking forward to seeing how Kate grows into this world.

The ending of Goddess Interrupted will likely leave you itching for the third book in this series – I know it did me!

Rating: 8/10

thank you to NetGalley & HarlequinTeen for the egalley for review

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  1. I'm reading this book right now, having not read The Goddess Hunt, and though there is not much of a reminder of what happened in the previous book (I happened to have finished the first book and then started the next one, but you still know when they give you information surrounding the first novel) it wasn't hard to go about the previous actions of the first novel. I do wish that the author gave us an update on which god and goddess was who during the beginning of the story because it confuses the hell out of me only knowing who Henry, James, and Ava are. Wonderful review by the by, hope you are excited for the final installment for the trilogy! Have a wonderful day!

    1. The lack of refresher wasn't that bad - I'd just forgotten what happened exactly with Calliope, that sort of thing :) (There is a list of who is who in the back but since I read the egalley I didn't see it until I was finished!)

      Thank you - and I am definitely excited for the third book

  2. I'm definitely going to look into this series.

    1. I like it . . . just wish for more Henry ;-)

      Thanks for commenting!


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