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Every Other Day ~ Jennifer Lynn Barnes review

Every Other Day
December 27, 2011
327 pages
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Every other day Kali D'Angelo is a normal sixteen-year-old girl, going to high school, attending pep rallies, attempting to figure out multiple choice tests. Human. . . . But then every other day, she's not. She's something else.

Those are the days she spends hunting paranormal creatures. She still looks like the high school student she is on her 'human' days, but power courses through her, demons are drawn to her and she spends twenty-four hours killing hellhounds, zombies, and anything else she finds - or that finds her.

But when she sees a mark on a girl at school - a girl she's supposed to make nice with - she knows the girl's marked for death. And Kali just might be able to save her, but it would mean risking her own life.

She'll have to save her . . . and do it as a human. With a few new friends, something she's definitely not used to having.

I should preface any bit of a review by saying that I love Jennifer Barnes' writing  so very much. She writes incredibly strong heroines that are capable of kicking butt themselves - and don't sit back and watch while some hero saves them. I love her (and her characters) for that. I also love that she does have strong male characters when it's necessary (if you've read the Raised by Wolves series, that should be evident).

Every Other Day is different than other paranormal stories. For one thing, the world already knows - and, for the most part, accepts that paranormal creatures like griffins, dragons, etc exist. While that does give the story a leg up in the sense that all is not hidden from everyone (but Kali) it also doesn't mean everything is out in the open. Kali's Jekyll/Hyde life is still a secret as are what she does when she goes all demon-hunter.

That combination is great, though, because it allows for their to be organizations that exist - that are known - that work with the supernatural but might be up to shady business but also leaves some suspense around Kali and who/what exactly she is.

Once again I love, love the secondary characters. I really, so desperately want Skylar and her brothers to be the focus of some sort of USA Network show. I don't even care what it would be about, I just think their family is awesome enough that those characters could sustain some sort of television show.

I cannot wait for more from Jen Barnes - Taken by Storm and/or anything else!

Rating: 9/10

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  1. This is one of my favorite books. I love it. I love J.L.B. Well, except for the end of the Raised by Wolves series. That angered me. Still love her though. The only issue I have with this book is that it is a standalone and I feel like there is still too much left to the story for it to stop now. Her endings apparently have a tendency to make me upset. Hmm!


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