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Dead to You ~ Lisa McMann review

Dead to You
Simon Pulse
February 7, 2012
243 pages
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A bit of a disclaimer: I have not read Lisa McMann's Wake series yet, so the following statement should be read with that in mine. Dead to You is my favorite of McMann's books thus far.

Seven year old Ethan De Wilde was abducted from his front yard nine years ago, right in front of his younger brother, Blake. Now, at the age of sixteen he has returned home. Everything should be glorious and happy - and for a little while it is.

But Ethan's reintroduction to his family is tearing them apart all over again. If only he could remember something, anything . . . anything at all. Something's keeping his memory's locked away, though. Something horrible.

Dead to You is a different sort of abduction and return story. It's not focused on Ethan's time away from his family nor is it focused on his happy return to his family - at least no the happy part. It looks at the way things are hard for him and them after he returns.

He has a younger brother who was there when he was taken away from their from sidewalk and driven away in an unknown car, not to be seen again for nine years. He has a sister, Gracie who, at only six-years-old, never knew him and is, understandably, wary of this new person's arrival into their family. And he has - also understandably - incredibly overprotective parents.

As Ethan is trying to fit into his new - old - life that's where most of the book is but it's great that it's all told from his view. It gives more conflict and also allows readers to see just that little bit more that we wouldn't if it had been from another character's point of view. It also keeps us from seeing a lot of certain things if the story had either alternated views or been from third person.

Dead to You is short and saying too much else would be spoilery and might ruin some of your enjoyment of this great story. If you're thinking about it, do give this book a chance.

Rating: 9/10

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