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Pure Giveaway & Author Interview

Julianna Baggott, who also writes under the pen names N.E. Bode and Bridget Asher has written more than twenty different books under her different names. Writing everything from poetry to prose to magazine articles for every age - childrens' to young adult to adult, Baggott's latest publication is the dystopian Pure, the first of a trilogy.

She lives in Florida where she is the assistant director of Florida State University's Creative Writing Program and she and her husband are co-founders of Kids in Need - Books in Deed.

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Book Sp(l)ot Reviews: You have published a lot (in different genres, different forms, for different age ranges), is there anything before or while writing that you do to get yourself into the frame of mind for writing that particular piece?

Julianna Baggott: There's this song by The Smiths called How Soon is Now and the video is dark and industrial. When I crank it loud, it takes me some place other than where I am, making room for Pure.

Pure is quite a bit different from your other work (the first in a YA post-apocalyptic trilogy), how did it come about?

In my own mind, I can see how it's the culmination of all the things that have come before it. Not diverging from the path but where all of these path finally (weirdly, darkly, twistedly) wind together.

Fox 2000 has already acquired Pure's film rights. When you were writing it - or while you're writing the second book - was there anyone you envisioned as the characters? If not, who (past or present) is the closest to how you see your characters? Either in looks and/or personality.

I didn't think of any actors while writing.And I have so much trouble with this question, but no one's allowed me to look retrospectively. I think that helps. A young Steve Macqueen, a young Daniel Craig -- those rough types for Bradwell. A young Joaquin Phoenix for El Capitan. Lyda? Pressia? Partridge? I don't know.

If you were to wake up in a post-apocalyptic world, which of your characters (from Pure or any of your other writing) would you want there to help you survive - and why?

Bradwell has the best arsenal. Can you pick someone just for their weapons? [I say if it's a post-apocalyptic world, of course you can!]

Is there a character from another 2012 novel that you think would make a great addition to the world of Pure? (Or an adult if not YA comes to mind.)

I'm jacked about Lydia Netzer's debut Shine, Shine, Shine, and the authors of Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist are back with another book. John Irving -- whom I've loved forever -- has a new novel out come May. Liz Flock, S.D. Crocket (debut), Matt Bondurant, Adam Johnson, O'Nan, Wiley Cash (debut), Christopher Beha (debut novel) ... Oh, Joshilyn Jackson has a new novel JUST out*, as is Ivey's debut, The Snow Child. I could go on and on breathlessly. But, let's see... Look, I'd borrow some monsters from William Giraldi's debut last fall called Busy Monsters. Yes, yes, yes, I would. They can consider themselves welcome to visit anytime.

*[Grown Up Kind of Pretty -which I hope to review soon!]

Any writing news you can share?

Here's one that JUST happened: Starbucks picked Pure for their Bookish Reading Club, which is cool. This will pop up in February.

Thank you to Julianna Baggott for the interview - and you all for reading :)

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How about you, any fictional characters you would want around in a post-apocalyptic world to help you survive?

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  1. Great interview! I can't believe that Fox 2000 is already interested in making Pure a movie! For me, mu automatic response would be to have Katniss Everdeen to help me out. ...And then maybe Hermione Granger. Lol, I could do with a little magic in the real world right now. Thanks for the interview and giveaway!

  2. This book sounds great! I hope I get to read it!


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