Saturday, January 21, 2012

Cinema Saturday [To Kill a Mockingbird]

Today's Cinema Saturday post is a bit late (I overslept this morning!), sorry about that.

Today's movie is To Kill a Mockingbird 50th Anniversary Edition Blu-Ray/DVD Combo.

I'm so, so happy I watched this film again. I know how much I liked it when I watched it several years ago in junior high when we were reading Harper Lee's classic of the same name. Now, though, I've gotten so much more out of it.

Not only is this remastered (and Blu-Ray quality) version just stunningly beautiful, but I've noticed things in the plot that I know I didn't before. I don't know if it has to do with not watching it when I knew I was going to have (or just had, I can't remember) a test on the subject or if it's because I'm older . . . either way, but I'm getting a lot more out of it this time.

Before I loved the movie for the plot and the way it could resonate with just about anyone at just about any point in time, now, though, I can almost appreciate the cinematic beauty of To Kill a Mockingbird. Just about any shot would be a beautiful still photo.

To Kill a Mockingbird deals a lot with innocence - whether it's childhood innocence (both the children growing up and losing [some of] theirs or how their innocence affects the adults around them); criminal innocence or even childlike innocence.

It's lovely to see how great Gregory Peck is as a father figure and a role model. Someone who is trying to do right by his children and the community, even when its not what they want from him. I had really missed, I believe, when I saw the movie before how Jem's view of his father grew over the course of the film.

This Anniversary Edition of To Kill a Mockingbird absolutely magnificent. It will leave you wanting a giant TV to watch it on because it's really that gorgeous looking - and you'll want to reread the book (or read it if you somehow haven't read it before) because it portrays it that beautifully.

The special features are really worth watching, too: interviews with Gregory Peck and Mary Badam (Scout) and more.

Even if you already have this on DVD, you really need this version - it's a film that you really should own on Blu-Ray!

My Giveaway of the Blu-Ray

(I need to watch this and A Time to Kill some day . . . they're both fantastic court dramas that really deal well with injustice, too.)

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