Thursday, January 5, 2012

Cinder ~ Marissa Meyer (ARC) review . . . + trailer

Cinder (Lunar Chronicles #1)
Feiwel & Friends
Janurary 3, 2012
400 pages
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Marissa Meyer's debut Cinder is one of those books that will make you curse your need for sleep. Be prepared to stay up way past your bed time and/or hate the moment you have to put it down even for just a few hours.

On the busy streets of New Beijing, humans and androids alike rush around going about their lives - or helping others go about theirs. Cinder, is an amazing mechanic, filling her days working to earn money for her ungrateful stepmother - she's also a cyborg.

With cyborg's seen as second-class citizens and her step-mother blaming her for her step-father's illness years ago, Cinder's life is far from perfect . . .

With a plague ravaging the planet's populace and lunar people threatening from above, Cinder doesn't know just how important her chance meeting with the Prince one day may be. For her. For everyone.

I loved Cinder so much. Every time there's been any sort of fairy tale re-imagining announced, released or even speculated on, I hope it's going to be about Cinderella. Marissa Meyer came up with something better than I - or possibly anyone else - could have imagined with Cinder. It's a cyborg Cinderella with a kick-butt mechanic; The Jetsons meets Once Upon a Time meets Cinderella. Tell me that does not all sound awesome?

There's enough of the Cinderella tale we all know that it's fun to try to guess where certain things will go or what other parts will be included, but it's also most definitely different. No glass slippers here. And no Gus Gus either . .. but there is Iko, Cinder's android who's more than outdated and has what her step-mother calls a 'faulty' personality chip. She definitely makes up for the lack of Gus Gus and the other mice that were in the Cinderella movie.

Meyer's debut is one where it's hard to believe it is, in fact, the author's debut. The writing is great, the characters are great, the world she has imagined is truly spectacular, there's not much I don't like about Cinder.

We don't get a lot of background into the characters - which would have been nice since they are such great characters - but that fits with the plot and, I think, this being the first book in the series. There were a few plot points that may also be explained if this happens.

A few things were predictable, but being pretty sure I knew them didn't detract from my enjoyment of the story. (Even when I was right.)

I am now very much eagerly awaiting the release of the next book . . .

If you're looking for a great book to start of 2012 with, this is most assuredly it.


Book received from the publisher

and here's Cinder's trailer if you want some more!

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