Monday, December 5, 2011

Juliet Immortal ~ Stacey Jay review

Juliet Immortal
Delacorte Books for Young Readers
August 9, 2011
320 pages

For the past 700 years, Juliet Capulet has been working for the Ambassadors of Light. . . Ever since her murder. That's right, Juliet was murdered. She didn't take her own life as everyone was lead, by Shakespeare via Romeo, to believe, In fact, it was Romeo, in a trade for his immortality, who murdered his new wife.

Only he didn't know that Juliet would be granted immortality as well. Inhabiting the bodies of different people each go-round, Juliet works to bring lovers - soulmates - together while Romeo, a Mercenary, works to keep them apart.

Everything is the same every time - until Juliet meets someone she's forbidden to love and this time becomes completely different than every other. And Romeo will do everything he can to destroy her love.

I have only (sadly) read Stacey Jay's Megan Berry series books (You Are So Undead to Me), Juliet Immortal is definitely my favorite of hers - and I think the most well written as well.

Juliet Immortal it takes the Romeo and Juliet story that we all (some better than others) and turns it on its head. Romeo and Juliet are no longer the paradigm of true love. With quite a bit of hate to go around between them, it's more than a bit different at first. The relationship is very well done - and extremely well explained - so it's easy to get into the story as different as it is.

For those wanting a Romeo and Juliet story, there is still a bit of that type of tale; only with different characters. There are two characters whose romance has a definite Romeo and Juliet edge to it while staying modern and fitting in the story very well.

Shakespeare's classic given a supernatural twist is definitely something different but it's really, really enjoyable. Juliet Immortal is very well thought out, the characters are well developed and written and it will definitely keep you reading straight through to the end.


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