Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Waiting On Wednesday [Until I Die & Revived]

What to do when you find covers for two great looking books by two authors you love? Have two books for in your Waiting on Wednesday post, of course:

Until I Die by Amy Plum

Kate has chosen to leave the comfort and safety of her human world in order to join Vincent in the dangerous supernatural universe he inhabits. For his part, he has sworn to go against his very nature and resist the repeated deaths that are his fate as a revenant—even though it will bring him immeasurable suffering.

Heady with romance and rife with danger, the second book of the DIE FOR ME trilogy follows Vincent and Kate as they search—separately—for a solution to their plight, pursuing their quest from the glamorous streets of Paris to the city’s squalid underbelly. Although the experiment that Vincent attempts is progressively destroying him, he insists on seeing it through to the end. This prompts Kate to strike out on her own into the dangerous world of the revenants to find another way. But she unwittingly puts everyone she loves at risk when she discovers a family of ancient healers who hold the key to a secret that could help the bardia—the good revenants—overthrow their murderous enemies, the numa, forever.

And while the lovers search for something they have little chance of finding, a new threat arises among the numa. Kate finds herself in the midst of an ancient and deadly war, not as a bystander...but as a target.

I adored Die for Me - evidence - and cannot wait to read the sequel. (And not just so I can get back to reading 'revenants' in a French accent.) Amy Plum was also super nice when I met her in Naperville - and had very, very good chocolate with her, always a bonus.
The released cover is the British one, but as you can see, the US and UK covers for Die for Me were very similar - here's hoping the US cover of Until I Die is just as similar.

Goodreads page for Until I Die & on Amazon

Oh, how will I wait until May 3 when Harper releases it?

The second book that has to be a Waiting On Wednesday book for today is:

 Revived by Cat Parick

As a little girl, Daisy Appleby was killed in a school bus crash. Moments after the accident, she was brought back to life.

A secret government agency has developed a drug called Revive that can bring people back from the dead, and Daisy Appleby, a test subject, has been Revived five times in fifteen years. Daisy takes extraordinary risks, knowing that she can beat death, but each new death also means a new name, a new city, and a new life. When she meets Matt McKean, Daisy begins to question the moral implications of Revive, and as she discovers the agency’s true goals, she realizes she’s at the center of something much larger — and more sinister — than she ever imagined.

Cat Patrick's debut novel - these are two of my favorite debut authors and books of this year - Forgotten blew me away. It was incredibly creative - Revive seems to at least match Forgotten's creativity. So happy that she has a second novel coming so soon!

And have you looked at that cover? I really kind of love it. It has so many possibilities.

This one wants to make me wait even longer - Little, Brown isn't releasing it until May 8! (Goodreads page & Amazon)

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