Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Iron Knight ~ Julie Kagawa (eARC) review

Iron Knight (Iron Fey #4)
Harlequin TEEN
October 25, 2011
400 pages

Ash is now Meghan's knight and she knows his true name. Which all sounds great . . . But, even as the last surviving son of Mab, Queen of the Unseelie Court, he can never return home and is dead to her and Meghan, the new Iron Queen forbade him from entering the Iron Realm.

Ash is now on a quest to gain his soul back so that he can stand at Meghan's side in the Iron Realm.

Along the way we see a lot of interaction between Ash and Puck as well as a face we thought was lost to their past - and, of course, the great Grimalkin.

The Iron Knight, the fourth installment in this series is told from Ash's point-of-view with Meghan missing except for some dreams and a few scenes.

While it was great to see the rivalry/friendship between Ash and Puck back again - and see some of their past brought to light giving their relationship some more depth - without Meghan there, it was different. I really missed Meghan as the main narrator. Ash was, understandably, a bit ...mopey or emotional. While it made sense character-wise, it wasn't quite as much fun to read as when all three characters were interacting.

Either that, something with me personally, or some other factor prevented me from ever really connecting with this story. It never really grabbed me and I was never fully engaged with it. I do love this series, though, and will probably reread the book sometime in hopes that it clicks better with me.

The ending is fantastic. It's a great wrap-up to the series and whether you're Team Ash, Team Puck, or (like me) haven't quite picked a side yet go back and forth/like both of them, you won't be disappointed.  Julie Kagawa has created a fantastic new fey world in this series - the Iron Fey are pretty darn amazing - and kept her characters true to form throughout all four books, concluding their story nicely.


thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for letting me read this egalley


  1. Oh no. I can't stand mopey Ash! Puck will always be my favorite so I'm still going to read this one.

  2. s.chant-

    The rest of the series just seemed to work better for me than this one . . . I think it did have to do with liking Puck best ;-)

    Thanks for the comment and reading the review!


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