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Long Way Home (Buffy S8 V1) ~ Joss Whedon review

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Long Way Home: Buffy Season 8, Volume 1
Joss Whedon (author), George Jeanty (illustrator)
Dark Horse
December 1, 2010
136 pages

*Review contains spoilers for finale of Buffy (TV finale) and probably random spoilers for the show. Reviews of the next seven volumes possibly will, too.*

The Long Way Home: Buffy Season 8, Volume 1 brings up back into the world of Buffy Summers and her Scooby gang. At this point they've closed the Hellmouth – and collapsed all of Sunnydale in the process. Still grieving from lost friends and lovers, the Scoobies are moving on and doing what they do best: Working from somewhere akin to any army base Buffy and most of the newly called Slayers are working at defending the world kind of like she did before, just on a much, much larger scale.

Readers are thrown right into the action as we’re shown what the gang is doing –and how they’re doing it.

And, oh yeah, Dawn’s a giant.

(Synopses for this series are going to be super short since they’re 100-150 page comics.)

Starting this was different for me since I don’t read comics- or graphic novels – but seeing new Buffy was definitely of the good. I liked that the characters did look older (since there’s supposed to have been a gap between the end of the series and the start of this eighth season. It was also nice that hings from Angel Season Five were used – whether they were built on or discredited.

You do definitely need to know Buffy and Angel, the television series to fully understand what’s going on in Buffy Season 8, but tha’s who this is aimed at really – BtVS and AtS fans – so that’s understandable.

A few parts were confusing to me – I had trouble understand just what was going on, etc but that could just be me not being used to the medium.

The art was fantastic and it both represented the characters well and is gorgeous.

I'm definitely interested in where the rest of this goes. Right now it's reading like good (beautifully illustrated) fanfiction that has some of Joss Whedon's signature whit.


(read first thanks to Dark Horse and NetGalley)

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