Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Day Before ~ Lisa Schroeder (eARC) review

The Day Before
June 28, 2011
320 pages

The Day Before by Lisa Schroeder is a beautiful example of what a YA verse novel can be. Amber wants to spend The Day Before alone, by herself. So she takes off for the beach leaving only notes for her family to tell them that she’ll be back later, in time.

With her life gradually no longer under her control, she wants a day that’s just her. Not a day dictated by the rules or her parents, or by anyone.

But then she meets Cade. With their instant attraction, soon Amber and Cade are spending more and more of the day together.

Deciding to spend a perfect day together: no talk of the past, no regrets, and no fear, the two soon learn things about each other anyway.

And Amber learns that while she’s living for the moment, for the perfect Day Before, Cade’s living each moment like it’s his last—and she’s becoming more and more worried for him.

Told in beautiful verse, The Day Before lets you a little bit more into the characters’ lives with each line.

We might not know what The Day Before is actually the day before for a while, but we gradually learn the situation. And, not knowing the situation, readers connect first with Amber’s reaction to what’s happening and then form their own reaction or opinion to it once they know the facts.

This is a case where not knowing the whole story really brings you closer to the character.

The relationship between the two characters, short though it may be, is just about perfect, too. Each has their own baggage that they bring to the Day making things interesting.

Even with the stories that each character had – both of which could have written to play up the drama, seem unrealistic – the entire novel was incredibly realistic, true to life. This book will leave you wanting to read the rest of Ms Schroeder’s writing if you haven’t aleady.


(read thanks to GalleyGrab)

soundtrack: Glitter In The Air by P!nk (kind of need to own/have this to listen to for reading The Day Before)

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