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Buffy Season 8 Vols 2 & 3 ~ Joss Whedon, et al reviews

No Future for You
Brian K. Vaughan (Author), Joss Whedon (Author); Georges Jeanty (Illustrator), Cliff Richards (Illustrator), Jo Chen (Illustrator)
Dark Horse Comics
June 11, 2008
120 pages
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No Future for You: Buffy Season 8 Volume 2 is all about Faith. It’s hard to summarize these without giving spoilers so my synopsis will be super short: Giles approaches Faith about a new Slayer who has been killing other Slayers. He tells Faith that if she kills that murderous Slayer, he, Giles, will give her the money to go wherever she wants.

Faith accepts and we see her go on the mission – and what she learns about the girl as well as what memories (flashbacks, really) it brings up of Faith’s life.

It’s still (as in Volume 1) really necessary to have seen the show – or at least somehow know what happened – to truly understand and get these storylines. A lot of Faith’s past pops up, in flashbacks, and without knowing her story, readers won’t get what they are.

It was nice to see more of Faith explored. Fans of hers will especially like to see more of her. Volume 2 contains No Future for You Numbers 6 through 9 so it’s four parts of Faith. The last part of Volume 2 is Anywhere But Here, involving Willow and Buffy as well as Xander and Dawn.

Anywhere But Here is not part of the arc of the earlier parts but does provide some answers that help the series overall.

Art wise, in some of the flashbacks, it was slightly difficult to tell who a few of the characters were – tell them apart. The dialogue, though, was true to the characters and it was nice to see an arc over several of the issues.

Wolves at the Gate (Vol. 3)
Drew Goddard (Author), Joss Whedon (Author), Georges Jeanty (Illustrator), Jo Chen (Illustrator)
Dark Horse Comics
November 12, 2008
136 pages

Volume 3 starts with the one shot “A Beautiful Sunset” and then has the four issue, “Wolves at the Gate” that finishes the volume.

Wolves at the Gate got back to the Buffy TV concept of having a Big Bad with Buffy having a confrontation with the Twilight, a mysterious villain in the first installment.

Then things get . . . interesting with a relationship that comes out of seemingly nowhere.

And then it’s story arc time again with the Wolves at Gate four issues. Old characters come back to help the new gang (much, much bigger and much more well-armed than the old ‘gang’) fight the baddies of this volume.

Volume 3 is much more like the television series (if they’d had a gigantic travel budget?). More relationships are developed in this volume giving one character in particular more depth and making him more relational to readers.

I will admit that one aspect of this volume seemed, to me, to not fit with the usual story lines – or with the characters. I wasn’t sure if it was done because this was a comic and it could be done in a few pages and then moved on from. It was a left field sort of thing. It seemed like something for comic boys (to me, it did) but not a true Buffy thing.

I’m not sure this is truly sticking to the Buffy strengths – it does, but then loses its way a little.

6/10 for both

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