Monday, July 25, 2011

Supernaturally ~ Kiersten White (ARC) review

Supernaturally (Paranormalcy #2)
July 26, 2011
352 pages

Supernaturally, the follow-up to Kiersten White's Paranormalcy is another don't-stop-until-you're-done glimpse into Evie's world.

Only this time around, Evie's biggest worry should be avoiding getting killed by the overly enthusiastic soccer players in gym class. That's right, Evie's finally gotten her wish and has a normal life, locker and all.

Away from IPCA, Evie is attending high school and trying her hand at being ordinary.

Except, being ordinary gets kind of ..... ordinary.

So, when a chance to to work for IPCA again presents itself, Evie agrees.

But as one job leads to another to another, all more dangerous than she expected, Evie wonders if she made the right decision.

Then you throw in Reth, revelations about her past, and trouble with the faerie courts (again) that could mean trouble for everything . . . all that affect Evie.

Looks like both worlds were too good to be true for Evie ... will she ever find a place she fits?

Everything that you loved in Paranormalcy is back in Supernaturally. Thers's the humor, the wit, the characters (well, most of the them), and some paranormal containment, too. Just without Evie living in the Center.

There's also the relationships - actually, more so. Evie and Raquel's relationship is still a part of Supernaturally but it's not the main Evie-and-another relationship that is focused on in this novel. Her relationship with Lend is really developed, as is her relationship with Arianna, her relationship with friends she's trying to make at school, but most of all, her relationship with Evie.

Sounds cheesy put that way, but Evie's really trying to figure out how she works in this normal life, then in a normal life with a bit of IPCA business thrown in the mix.

Kiersten White's talent really comes through with Evie. Love her or hate her Evie is Evie and can never be mistaken for any other character in fiction (or nonfiction or real life, I would imagine). Readers connect with Evie because she is so herself. Evie is a character unlike any other, something that comes through in the writing and really makes this story.

Can't forget, of course, the new character in this book, Jack. I want to know how Ms White had enough imagination space left to come up with him. (Loved him, too.) There is no shortage of imagination or creativity in this book or this series.

The Paranormalcy series is one that should really become a television series. Really.

Rating: 10/10

(and I'm already trying to figure out something constructive to do to bide my time until the next book comes out)

HUGE thank you to HarperTeen for my advance copy of this book!

Naturally ~ Selena Gomez
God Don't Make Lonely Girls ~ Wallflowers
Wait It Out ~ Imogen Heap

ALSO? Make sure to read the acknowledgments section!! Best one ever? I think so.


  1. I am really looking forward to reading this one! :)

    I loved Paranormalcy!!

    Great review.

    I'm a new follower :D

  2. This sounds like a fantastic book, thanks for the review, I'll definitely buy it.

  3. I've heard great things about this book. What a stunning cover too.

  4. Jules -
    I hate when my replies get lost! Thanks so much for following!!

    It really is a fantastic book... I hope if you've read it that you liked it

    I love the covers for this series-great, aren't they?


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