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Mercy ~ Rebecca Lim (eARC) review

I definitely did not plan to have my laptop break, have the only other one I had access to crash and then the area/several towns lose power for several days! Sorry for the review delays, lovely blog readers . . . I do have reviews for you now, though:

Hyperion Book CH
May 17, 2011
288 pages

Mercy doesn't know why--or how--but she keeps waking up in new bodies, with no memory of who she is, or who they are. Left sometimes with vague, soon to disappear memories of her former host, Mercy has to find her way in this new person's life.

With a sense that she has something to accomplish, Mercy works her way through these new lives . . . hoping she leaves the hosts in a just as good, if not better, place as she found them.

Mercy doesn't know why she finds herself in these new lives and neither does the reader. The only constant in all of her 'lives' is Luc a boy she dreams of who gives her murky, confusing messages/explanations for why she is who and the way she is. (The synopsis goes into a lot more on this and who Mercy is, but none of that's actually in the book.)

In this first book in the series, Mercy finds herself in the body of Carmen, a teen on a school singing trip.

It's with her host family that Mercy thinks she's found why she is Carmen for the time being, what she has to do.

Mercy is a great mix of Quantum Leap (more people should watch those repeats) and the angel lore from Supernatural. I can see Mercy and Anna (from SPN) working together. It's really unlike anything I've read before. It's about an angel - something you know more from the cover and talk about the book than the book's actual text, so the story itself doesn't rely on 'she's an angel.'

I would really have liked to see some flashbacks either of Mercy's previous 'lives' or - if that wouldn't have actually advanced the story - some more looks into Luc wherever Luc 'lives' or Mercy before this all started. Though, that might be coming in latter book(s). Something that really brought the reader into who Mercy is/was aside from her Carmen time would have really drawn the reader in. As it was, the beginning was better than the middle (which slowed a bit) but the ending was better than both the beginning and the middle.

Definitely a different book than I was expecting but now I'm looking forward to the next book: 7/10

thank you to the publisher and NetGalley :)

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