Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Delirium ~ Lauren Oliver review

February 1, 2011
448 pages

Seventeen-year-old Lena is just three months (ninety five days if you want to be exact, which she does) away from her procedure. The procedure that will save and/or cure her of deliria nervosa--something we currently know as love.

Love is seen as a disease in Lena's world, something to be feared and avoided at all costs. The cure is celebrated and people who lived in before there was a cure are pitied. Delirium is slightly similar to Matched in that there's a world the main character lives in where she believes herself to be happy, an outside world of rarely (if ever) acknowledged people who don't follow the rules of the society, people are paired together for marriage, and there's an unexpected romance that blossoms that brings the character to certain realizations.

Delirium is a fantastic tale, very much worth reading because even if it might have some things in common with Matched it is very much its own book with its own characters and story.

And of all the dystopians published recently, Delirium has probably the most frightening idea of a future society: one that has (all but) eradicated love. And while people have arranged marriages of a sort and count themselves lucky if they never fall in love (as love is a disease), it's not just romantic love they are proud to be rid of, either. Mothers and fathers no longer feel any true affection for their children, siblings can't say they love each other and are distant once they've had their procedure.

Words obviously get you in trouble, but actions will also betray you as not truly 'cured' as well.

A cure that Lena was absolutely sure she wanted, was sure was the right thing until she met Alex and he turned her view of things on its head.

Now, as Lena journeys toward the date of her procedure, readers will go along with her as she discovers more about her world, where she comes from, and maybe where--and who--it is she wants to be at the end.


read thanks to NetGalley and the publisher


  1. This sounds like a pretty cool book,i might give it a go. Btw nice reveiw.

  2. @claire
    Thank you! I thought I would like it-more and more the more I find out about it but it definitely blew away any expectations I had!

    I really hope you enjoy it if you do read it :)


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