Monday, January 24, 2011

The Iron Queen ~ Julie Kagawa ARC review

The Iron Queen (Iron Fey #3)
Harlequin (Teen)
January 25, 2011
368 pages

(I'd hoped to review books 1 & 2 along with this one, but since I have a cast on part of my arm and am not supposed to be typing . . . those are coming later--they were awesome, though, I promise you that!)

**(contains spoilers for Iron King & Iron Daughter--Books 1 & 2 in the series)**

Meghan Chase thought she was done with the fey; she'd returned her brother safely home, banished the changeling, killed the Iron King. Oh, and been banished from Nevernever along with Ash and Puck. Now, gone from her home for almost a year, she's spending some time with the exiled Queen again when she gets an interesting--and dangerous--proposal. A proposal that could lead to her death or to Puck and Ash being welcomed home once again.

Is Meghan willing to venture back through possibly even more danger than before so that Puck and Ash will be welcome back in faery lands?

First of all, I absolutely recommend reading the first two books (Iron King & Iron Daughter) before reading Iron Queen, the books really build on each other.

I love the world Julie Kagawaa has created with the Iron Fey and how she stays consistent from book to book but also adds to her mythology. What other book would talk about faery history involving a Eurpopean country then, within a few pages, mention a spork? Hmmm? I'm guessing no other book.

Parts of this book didn't keep me as consistently enthralled as the previous two, but I still absolutely loved it. The characters were true to themselves and we learned more about them, and their relationships deepened. New charaacters were introduced and became an enjoyable part of the story--I hope some of them show up again...maybe?

And, and, and the only thing that really, really, really bothered me from the earlier books got righted in this book so there could have been a major breakdown in its awesomeness (there was not) and I still would have loved it just because of that! (And no, I'm not saying what it was!)


(Winter's Passage, Iron Fey novella is up for download here at the Iron Fey website)

(read thanks to the publisher-Harlequin-and NetGalley)

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