Monday, December 6, 2010

Heartless (PLL) ~ Sara Shepard review

Heartess (Pretty Little Liars #7)
June 8, 2010
304 pages

Synopsis: After the girls are rescued from the barn fire, they're sure they've seen Ali, but is anyone going to believe them? Chalking their sighting up to smoke inhalation, those in charge dismiss their claims before starting to turn against them. Are the girls just looking for attention with all their wild claims?

But their (somewhat) new found notoriety isn't all the girls have to deal with: A's still around. Sending Emily on an expedition, even. Meanwhile Aria's looking to seances, along with a unique new friend from school, for answers about Allison, Hanna's sent to a 'facility' to 'recover from her trauma,' and Spencer finds out more about her birth.

Once again drama ensues, secrets are kept, and some truths are revealed in this penultimate instalment of the Pretty Little Liars series.

Review: I think of this as PLL's 'Lost' equivalent. Just about everything from the past few books got taken back or undone in some ways (someone was mistaken, that person didn't mean it, this person saw things wrong in that book, etc). Basically nothing is what you thought it was going into the book and more than once you get left with a 'huh?' feeling.

I don't know if this was because Sara Shepard wanted to do things differently,if she had remorse over how things had been written in the previous books (especially the fifth and sixth) or if it was really planned to take everything that had been established over several books and undo it.

Once I got used to nothing really being what it seemed and events in this novel not exactly building on those of the previous novels, I did enjoy it, however. Quite a lot happened and it was nice to see the characters moved along so much and I'm anxious to read the final installment, Wanted.

Series: (in order)
Pretty Little Liars

Rating: 7/10

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