Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Waiting On Wednesday

My Waiting On book for today is: All You Get is Me by Yvonne Prinz which will be published in hardcover December 21, 2010 (from HarperTeen).

What happens when a city girl is transplanted onto a ramshackle organic farm in the middle of nowhere? Everything. Sixteen-year-old Roar has been yanked from her city life and suddenly she’s a farm girl, albeit a reluctant one, selling figs at the farmers' market and developing her photographs in a rickety shed. And then she witnesses a crime that will throw the whole community into an uproar. Caught among the lure of a troublemaking friend, her love for a brooding boy, and her complicated feelings about her father’s human rights crusade, Roar is going to have to tackle it all. And with a camera around her neck, she’s capturing it all, too.

Yvonne Prinz and her novel The Vinyl Princess have ignited the teen blogosphere and entertainment media. Once again, she’s taken the pulse of culture and emerged with a book that is timely, quirky, and unforgettable.
I haven't read The Vinyl Princess or Yvonne Prinz's other books yet, but I'm really, really interested in this one. I love the city girl stuck on the farm (and actually farming!), but also the photography (I have a love for books with characters doing photography).

And there's crime and romance mixed in, too. It sounds like a plot similar to a 1950s/60s novel a la To Kill a Mockingbird with teenagers but set in the present (her dad has a 'human rights crusade,' she's in the middle of it, rural settings always lend themselves to 'days gone by' [and I've lived in a really rural place], etc).

I'm also kind of liking her name being Roar--I like when characters have unique names/nicknames that come from somewhere.

All You Get is Me
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