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Flawless (PLL) ~ Sara Shepard review & episode comparison

Flawless (Pretty Little Liars #2)
February 19, 2008
352 pages
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Comparison of the second PLL show episode to the book at the end (don't read if you haven't read the book yet. More useful if want to know what's included in each episode--or don't mind spoilers!

Summary: Flawless picks up right where Pretty Little Liars left off: the afternoon of Ali's funeral service. Not close for the last several years, Emily, Aria, Spencer, and Hanna are thrown together after they realise they're all receiving messages from the mysterious "A."

What none of them can find out is how 'A' knows what she or he does. A knows secrets about all of the girls that only Ali knew except Allison's gone now. So how does A know so much?

Flawless looks into each of the four girls' back stories. We learn that Spencer feels inferior to her sister, something only reinforced by their parents' actions. Things get even worse after Spencer takes things too far with Melissa's boyfriend Wren.

Hanna, continuing not to make the best decisions, is feeling like the insecure and overweight Hanna of middle school and not the popular, skinny girl who ruled the high school.

Emily's trying to decipher her feeling for the new girl Maya--and what they mean. She's still facing trouble from her ex-boyfriend and exploring other possibilities, too, though. Other possibilities that include dating a boy . . . a date that leads to more trouble that leads to consequences no one could have expected.

Aria not only has try to get over her feelings for Ezra, the new teacher, but she also has to deal with the guilt of secretly knowing the real reason why her father was so ready for the family to move to Iceland. And, of course, there's the possibility of a new boy for her, as well.

So, you think each girl has enough to deal with, right? Well, apparently “A” doesn’t think so. “A” not only continues to send texts and e-mails, no, he/she has upped the ante and begins leaving notes on their car windshields, in their textbooks and at school. “A” is carrying out his/her threats and forces the girls to do the unspeakable to protect their secrets.

Review: Honestly, I can’t believe how much I like this series! It’s very quick reading and the more I learn about each girl and their secret, the more I want to know “A’s” identity. I’ve narrowed it down to two people, so we’ll see if I’m right. “A” definitely turned up the heat and it was a lot of fun to read.

Pretty Little Liars' Flawless is one of those guilty pleasures books, but ones that's well written with well developed characters--and tons of twists and turns and drama!


Pretty Little Liars Episode 2 Comparison *spoilers for the book*:
Both the second episode and the second book could be subtitled "The Jenna Thing." In the show, Jenna returns to the girls' school, which doesn't happen in the books. Also at the school, Aria tries to get out of Ezra's class (it doesn't work) which is different than the books, too.

In the PLL show, it's worth noting that Wren is very, very white whereas he's half Asian in the book series. It doesn't change much, except for being interesting that they chose to do that. The actions between Spencer and Wren lead to the break up of Melissa and Wren in both the book and the show, but on the show Spencer isn't shunned like in the book. In the show their (S/W) relationship is more PG.

In the show, the girls are still friends (Hanna's disappearance was only a year ago not three) and Hanna and Sean are still together as well. There's no stress between them about sex--or having it. Emily and Ben are still together on the show as well. Toby's not on the show at all

Kate and her mother aren't a part of the show yet.

The show and the books are really starting to split from each other after the first episode followed the book pretty closely.

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