Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Waiting On Wednesday

This book comes out next week, but I might have just heard of it (I know, I know but this constant rain is making me really tired!)...

The Unidentified by Rae Mariz

Fifteen-year-old Katey (aka Kid) goes to school in the Game—a mall converted into a “school” run by corporate sponsors. As the students play their way through the levels, they are also creating products and being used for market research by the sponsors, who are watching them 24/7 on video cameras.

Kid has a vague sense of unease but doesn’t question this existence until one day she witnesses a shocking anticorporate prank. She follows the clues to uncover the identities of the people behind it and discovers an
anonymous group that calls itself the Unidentified. Intrigued by their counterculture ideas and enigmatic leader, Kid is drawn into the group. But when the Unidentified’s pranks and even Kid’s own identity are co-opted by the sponsors, Kid decides to do something bigger—something that could change the Game forever.

This funny, sharp, and thought-provoking novel heralds the arrival of a stunning new voice in teen fiction.

It sounds like it could be a great look at society and consumerism and how everyone's growing up . . . but it also sounds like it could be a whole lot of fun, too! I really want to see how the book works the video game aspect and the schooling together (Taken by Edward Bloor did that a little bit but this sounds like it takes it way, way, way farther).

Check it out some more on Harper's Browse Inside feature or pre-order it on Amazon.

Out October 5, 2010 from Balzer + Bray (and until the 4th it's one of Goodreads Giveaways you can enter--with a Goodreads account).

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  1. This one sounds so good! Great pick - I'm waiting on this one too.


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