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Secrets of a First Daughter ~ Cassidy Calloway review

Secrets of a First Daughter
208 pages
September 14, 2010
Secrets of a First Daughter

In this sequel to Confessions of a First Daughter, Cassidy Calloway brings back Morgan (Secret Service code name 'Tornado') Abbott, Secret Agent Max Jackson, Morgan's best friend Hannah and the rest of the characters.

With Brittany Whittaker no longer the class President (after stealing Morgan's platform for the speech only to jump on the President, Morgan's mom, during a press conference, sure she was Morgan and be forced out by the school for fear or humiliation and scandal) Morgan is now the class President and she has her boyfriend in her former secret service agent Max Jackson--even if they have to keep their relationship secret.

Things should be going well for her, right? Except she's still clumsy as ever, still has grades that might not even get her out of high school (and two genius parents so every one expects more from her), everyone's on her about where the President's Daughter is going to go to college, Brittany's still causing havoc, and she has to keep things with Max secret.

Add in a Presidential trip to London with Morgan and her usual knack for attracting disaster coming too, to the mix and you have quite a tale.

Secrets of a First Daughter was (like Confessions) another fun, quirky cute and quick read by Cassidy Calloway. Morgan is a really well developed character that has to deal with the typical end of high school things everyone has to deal with (grades, college applications, growing up) but with the increased pressure of being the daughter of the President of the United States and with the press following her around. Though she has stress from things none of the rest of us would have to deal with, she still stays very easy to relate to and it's very enjoyable to read about her.

Her best friend Hannah--who has more of a storyline with a male character from the first book in this story--is a great addition to the novel and works well with Morgan but also adds a quite a bit to the plot, too. I'm really glad that Max was back in this book and continued to have some story of his own and wasn't just the agent that used to protect Morgan/now dated her. He's a really interesting guy and I kind of wished things were longer so that there could be more of him.

I loved the plot of this book (which I can't share too much of or it would be super spoilery). I did like though that it still involved enough politics to make it logical but also involved Morgan's teenage life and friends and school in a way that made it all great for a YA book. It was very well balanced and woven together.

I do agree with reviews written that readers who liked Meg Cabot's All-American Girl books will like these books--but I also think you'll like these if you didn't like those. I never quite liked that book's main character, but I love Morgan. I hope that Cassidy Calloway writes some more even if t's not about Morgan and co.

(thank you to the publisher for the book)

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