Thursday, September 16, 2010

Miami Book Fair Inter'l

Last November I made it down to Miami for Miami Book Fair International . . . a huge gathering of authors, booksellers (of just about every kind), book lovers, and just about everything else book related.

There was a panel by Alex Flinn and Joyce Sweeney and one with Gaby Triana, Danielle Joseph, and Alicia Thompson. (There were other things but I listened to the YA stuff.) ((There will be pictures if my photo card will ever agree to be read.))

And, in what might to blame for my challenge, The Daily Show's Larry Wilmore & John Hodgman also did a talk (which very much overlapped with the second YA one!).

Of course, with hundreds of authors (not just English speaking ones) attending last year and authors/guests like Sebastian Junger (one of the authors with a book in the Daily/Colbert Challenge), Darren Shan, Pat Conroy, and Patti Smith already on the list for this year, there's sure to be someone you'll want to see, meet, listen to, ask a question of, get a book signed by.

It's November 14-21 (the 'Evenings With...' that are like drinks/appetizers; $10 with the author talking--I couldn't make it to any of those, so I don't know exactly are usually the first few days, I will get the exact dates); the Street Fair which is when all of the stuff gets sold and more things happen is Friday-Sunday, mostly $5 (info).

So, mid November in sunny Miami, with fantastic authors and books, what more can you ask for?

(Hoping/planning to have some fun posts coming up to help promote this)

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