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Early to Death, Early to Rise ~ Kim Harrison review

Early to Death, Early to Rise (Madison Avery #2)
May 25, 2010
240 pages
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** Spoilers in this summary/review if you haven't read the first book featuring Madison Avery, Once Dead Twice Shy **
Summary: Now the dark timekeeper, Madison is in charge (sort of) of the dark reapers. She's still working to learn how to use her amulet and her 'powers,' Ron, the light timekeeper still wants to get her, she still needs to find her body, and she still doesn't subscribe to the dark reaper/timekeeper belief in fate over choice.

Barnabas is in charge of her training and Nikita is 'living' with Madison under the guise of being a Scandinavian exchange student. Hopefully they won't cause too much trouble because no one's told her father about that. He still doesn't know that Madison's dead, though, so Nikita isn't the biggest secret Madison's keeping.

Madison tries to stop unnecessary scything's by bringing choice into the equation even though that's a light belief and fate is what she's supposed to subscribe to.

The plot of this book follows an evil computer hacker that Nikita, Barnabas, and Madison must stop--one way or another.

Review: Just like in the first book there's a lot of rules in this 'world' and it can get confusing at times. It was hard to remember from the first book who believed exactly what and exactly why. I think there was an itty little bit of a refresher, but I also spent a while working things out, so that might have been me working it through.

I think if you remember none of the first book or didn't read it you'd be lost, but not by a whole lot because there's not a lot of recap for people who did read the first book anyway. Reading the books close together would probably work best.

One of the things I enjoyed most about the first book was that Madison had a parent who was actually relevant to the story and not just a piece of furniture or there so that Children's Services didn't show up. Her dad was a lot less present in this book, though and while it wasn't awkward, I did miss the relationship.

The major story of Early to Death was about a computer hacker 'mark' but I spent almost the whole time thinking there was going to be something bigger. I can't pinpoint why, but that storyline just didn't feel like a central plot line for a whole book.

Between the lack of a recap for the rather complex world built in the first book and the underwhelming central storyline, I didn't enjoy this book as much as I did the first (I really, really loved that one) but I'm not at all sorry I read it.

These books are a quick, fun read and I really like the characters, as well. I'm definitely going to read the third book when it comes out but I might reread the first two in preparation.

Book 2: Early to Death, Early to Rise

Rating: 7/10

on a side note, she doesn't look like Rumer Willis on the cover anymore (I thought she did on the first book)

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