Monday, August 30, 2010

Cofessions of a First Daughter ~ Cassidy Calloway review

Confessions of a First Daughter
224 pages
September 1, 2009
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Morgan Abbott is trying to make her way through high school, unscathed. Of course, her mother being President of the United States is making that a little bit harder. While political ambition seems to run in the family--to an extent!--with Morgan running for class president, so do the troubles that come with being President. Morgan's nemesis/opponent Brittany is painting Morgan as a 'better than you' girl who shouldn't be President because she has all the perks of being First Daughter.

Soon, though, the Presidential limo that takes Morgan to school and her boyfriend who's pushing her to go further, sexually, than she wants to aren't her only problems. With less than stellar grades, Morgan's only reprieve is with drama and the school play but soon even that's threatened. When the tabloids begin to pick up on her wacky behavior--finally ignoring her mother's request to leave Morgan alone, her life is in upheaval.

Morgan even gets a new secret service agent to protect her. Only this agent is all business, barely older than Morgan herself . . . and kind of cute if Morgan's willing to admit it. Which she's not, thank you!

This is the super cute story of a girl who doesn't become a super poised, genius incapable of making mistakes/all the right decisions just because her mother is the President. I really do love Morgan. And that she's not perfect.

Her family is really endearing, too. It's easy to see how much they love each other and I loved that they were still incorporated into the story as a family even though they were the First Family. The politics and the family were both included and both very strong when it came to her relationship with her mother (and her father).

The secondary characters, including Agent Max Jackson, her boyfriend Konner, and her best friend Hannah all added a lot to the story and were a lot of fun and well developed.

The political parts of the story were well written and seemed to have been very well thought out if not researched and didn't seem like they were put in as filler or to make the story work but were really part of the story.

I loved having Max/Agent Jackson as part of the story. It was a unique twist to have a young secret service agent protecting Morgan but also one that was still professional.

There were a few times I would have liked to see a little bit more progression in a certain relationship. Sometimes it seemed like something was happening not quite suddenly, but also not not suddenly. That's really the only negative I have, though and I really look forward to reading the sequel Secrets of a First Daughter which is out on the 14th (and my review should be up a few days before that).


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