Sunday, April 25, 2010

Werewolf Weekend

This is a late post, I'm blaming sunburn for addling my brain!

Velvet over at WB32 Reads had an awesome Werewolf Weekend from the 23 through today, the 25th. It might now be over, but there are still tons of awesome posts (both there, at her blog, and linked) for you to check out and, I'm sure, loads of new books you'll discover, too.

(TONS of giveaways, too!)

I really didn't know there were that many werewolf books--I certainly have some books to add to my already massive TBR list!!!

I've just bought Never Cry Werewolf by Heather Davis so I hope to finish that one soon &, of course, I have Shiver but now I have Confessions of a Werewolf Supermodel (that I'd heard about but forgotten about), Karen MacInerney's series, and the Kelley Armstrong books that are werewolf having to add.

And if you're thinking of some TV to watch with werewolves while you wait on your books to arrive, there's always Buffy (!!!!), Being Human (the BBC version or the US one that's coming this summer)--both of which have vampires and werewolves. Or if you want a quick fix to decide whether you like werewolves or not, there's movies like, well, the Twilight ones but also Blood and Chocolate, Teen Wolf, Van Helsing, Underworld movies, American Werewolf in Paris... and let's not forget the Twilight series and the one I suggest Blood and Chocolate.

(Links to be added when I'm sure this thunderstorm's passed.)


  1. Super! Thanks for adding your werewolf love to the weekend event ;-D

  2. Interesting post! I didn't know Blood and Chocolate. I'll have to check it out.

  3. @vvb32 reads
    Of course--it was a fun event to find out about :)

    @Giada M
    Blood & Chocolate is a great book...oddly it was one I could easily see being a movie but then the movie had just about nothing to do with the book! (I actually like the movie, too, but seperate from the book.)


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