Friday, April 30, 2010

Video Veneris

Jessica Brody, the fabulous author who started has a new YA book out, The Karma Club. I'll admit to only kind of noticing it until I watched the trailer and now I have to say it looks pretty darn amazing and very, very like something I should read :)

And to celebrate the release/help spread the word there's a contest...and I get entries for all the unique visitors I get to click this link to her site. And at Jessica Brody's site you can do tons of things (because she really has a great site) like get links to the B&N and Amazon pages for the book (and other sites, too), read the first chapter, check out her not YA books, see the prizes for this contest, join her on Twitter, Facebook, or Myspace....and even more things.

So, clickity clickity click? Because there's a Flip Video Camera prize once a week and that'd be perfect for filming when I go to the space shuttle launch soon.... (And it's a good book to buy because part of the proceeds go to the, I can do other links)

And tomorrow there's a fundraising, red carpet, book launch event in Santa Clarita, on that's at her site, too ;)

The Karma Club at Amazon because I'm cool like that (though it doesn't get me referal things, just Amazon Associates things if you buy it through there...)

(Also, I have that shirt she's wearing, the white one with the '86' on it..I wonder if that one's losing all the silver things like mine is?)

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