Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Waiting On Wednesday

One book that I am definitely anxiously waiting on is Early to Death, Early to Rise, Kim Harrison's second Madison Avery book after last year's Once Dead Twice Shy.

I loved the first book (and don't think I posted my review of it-so I'll attempt to get that done soon) and love that the next one's coming out so soon (and that it's a series!). I purposely haven't read anything about what this second book is supposed to be about so my wanting it is solely based on the awesomeness of the first book and Kim Harrison's writing and my enjoyment of the few of her Hollows books I've read.

So, anyhow this is her YA series and has to do with reapers and it comes out May 25, 2010 in hardcover from Harper.

(and the paperback of the first book comes out April 27th)

Buy the series from Amazon

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