Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Body Movers (#1) ~ Stephanie Bond review

Body Movers (Body Movers Book 1)
Mira Books
July 1, 2007
384 pages
Amazon link even though they're sold out of the 'new' Amazon kind-but so are B&N and everyone else. You can use the page for info or use the 'new & used' links...or do what I did and get it from the library :)

Carlotta Wren had to grow up fast when--at 18--her mother and father went on the lam (well, to be fair, her father was the only one that was a fugitive, her mother just went with him) and left her with a nine year old brother to care for and a reputation in ruins. No longer just the teenage daughter or wealthy, caring parents in the upper echelon of Atlanta society, Carlotta now had to be a parent herself and deal with everyone know her father is an accused white-collar criminal.

Now, ten years later she does her best at being a glamorous (on a budget of course) by working at Nieman Marcus and hopes and prays her brother Wesley's gambling is under control once and for all.

She might have to wish a little harder though for him to be a really good kid because he's just gotten arrested (and I'm not telling you why!). As part of his 'punishment' he has to pay a fine which means he has to get a job.

Of course, as fitting with the wonderful funniness of this book, he gets a job transporting dead bodies.

With dead body transportation and a fantastic murder mystery involving someone who used to be a huge part of Carlotta's life this book is a great mix of a true mystery and great humor. It's a near perfect mix of the danger of the loan sharks that Wesley's gambling problem brings on, the intrigue of fugitive parents, and the humor of Carlotta's life.

I already have the second book checked out and started and I've got my mom hooked on the series, too (in fact she's already read both the first and second books and is ready for the third right now!).

10/10 for this one

This isn't YA but I think teens and young adults could still easily read it, there's some language and a little bit of sexual references in the first book but really nothing more than most TV shows or PG-13 movies, I don't think (okay, the language might pass that but I'm sure a lot of YA books have worse language, actually).

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