Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Waiting on Wednesday

Unfamiliar Magic by RC Alexander

While there's not some snazzy super fantastical reason for why I'd connect witht his book or why I'd be an amazing person for the reading of this book and so on and so forth...I just really want to read it! It really sounds like a great, fun read. Cat familiars turning into teenaged/same-aged babysitters for a teen girl witch?

A teen girl witch named Desi who wants to be a better witch but her mom's much more comfortable keeping things all undercover and top-secret.

And did I mention that the no-longer-a-cat babysitter has a fascination with eating sushi and getting a date?

Does that not sound amazing and like Sabrina the Teenage Witch after a spell of awesomeness was conducted? Or like Charmed did a 'when they were teenagers' special and refrained from being plain crazycakes about it?

Here's the actual book description, which can be found (that I know of) on goodreads or Amazon:

Desi is a witch. And she knows she could be a great witch—if only her mom
would teach her any spells. Unfortunately, Desi’s mom is more concerned with
keeping them safe and their abilities hidden.

When her mom leaves town under mysterious circumstances, it should be Desi’s perfect opportunity to explore magic on her own. But Desi has been left in the care of the most unusual babysitter of all time: her pet cat—also her mom’s familiar—now transformed into a teenage girl named Cat. And Cat has only three goals: Learn how to eat sushi
with her new hairless monkey paws, get the awkward boy next door to pay for her
sushi, and keep Desi out of trouble. And that means no magic.Yeah, right!

This hilarious and high-spirited fantasy is perfect for cat lovers, embattled siblings, and anyone who yearns to find the magic in everyday life.

It's not out until April 27, 2010 (that's almost seven months!), I don't know how I'll wait!! The teeny little author bio says this is his first book, though, so I can only hope that it will be great and there will be another out soon, too, because this one's really grabbed my interest :)

*If you look for it on Amazon, try the title, it has the author only as 'R.C' so looking that way doesn't tend to yield any results-or not very quickly

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  1. This looks so cute! I'm definitely putting in on my "To Buy" list for the library where I work.


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