Saturday, September 19, 2009

Miami Book Fair International

I know quite a few people went to BEA and ALA so, I present to you another book filled thing to go to where there will be authors and books galore: the 2009 Miami Book Fair International

November 8-15 in Miami (that's Veteran's Day in there and that Thursday that a lot of high school like to give off for college visits and such), how can you beat that. Just when it's getting cold, ou can have a nice Miami break :D

And with authors like Meg Cabot, Gaby Triana, Danielle Joseph, Jacquelyn Mitchard, Wally Lamb, Barbara Kingsolver, Sherman Alexie, the lineup certianly isn't half bad either--in fact, it's rather awesome.

Here's the website that has more information about it and I hope to do more here, on the blog, the closer it gets to occuring.


  1. If i lived in the us, I would defently go! :P

  2. Ooh, I'd love to meet Meg Cabot, but I won't be in FL until January. Maybe next year. :)

  3. Miami you say????? Hmmmmmm....that sounds very attractive indeed. And the author list is intriguing too! Thanks for the info!


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