Thursday, September 17, 2009

Jennifer's Body~novelization by Audrey Nixon

Jennifer's Body
Harper Festival
208 pages
May 26, 2009

Anita 'Needy' Lesnicki and Jennifer Check have been best friends since their sandbox days--literally. Non one knows quite why, they've never had much in common and they're just about complete opposites on the social spectrum, something only more obvious now that they're in high school, but besties they are regardless.

Only, something's gone terribly wrong in Needy-Jenniferland.

More than likely you've seen the previews for the 'Jennifer's Body' movie which starts tomorrow? This is the novelization of that movie, the movie's written by Diablo Cody ('member Juno?) and the book's credited to Audrey Nixon (so I don't know how much, if any, overlap from the script there is)> If you know what the movie's about, then you know what the book's about... Otherwise, I've been vague :D

I really just read the book because Amanda Seyfried was in the movie (with Megan Fox) and she was in Veronica Mars...and I was on my cheerleader book kick and I thought this fit (kinda didn't). But, I ended up actually loving it.

After all, how can you not love a book with a line on the second page: "Well . . . I am kind of the shit." (just after talk of Zac Efron and Santa Claus)? Really, just read through the first chapter/prologue and you'll know what I mean.

This book is crazy and insane to nth degree for sure but in absolutely the most fantastical way--it went from being some random book I had to convince my library to find for me, to a book that convinced me to see the 'Jennifer's Body' movie, even with the 'ooh, let's ignore the plot and just show girl's about to makeout' trailers.

The writing of this was kind of genius so if the non-dialoguey parts belong to Audrey Nixon and not Diablo Cody (I'm not smart enough to be sure how this 'novel based on the screenplay' thingy works for sure) which I think they do, I very much hope she writes more.

I don't know just how closely the book and movie follow each other but I hope it's very because the order of this story and the characters were all very enjoyable.

A note about the actual book itself, the pages are more like coloring book pages than book pages-they seem to hold up fine but I still thought it was worth noting.

10/10 (and it's short, too so you could still read it and then see the movie)

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