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Art Geeks & Prom Queens ~ Alyson Noel review

Art Geeks & Prom Queens

St Martin's Griffin
August 11, 2005
240 Pages

This review might contain some spoilers (at least by my standards)...

Forced to move from New York (not City) with her Juicy sweatsuit loving mother to the real OC, baby, Rio (after the Duran Duran song) is miserable. (She's more at home in her worn out Cape Cod sweatshirt and jeans than the designer duds her mother, the former model, (and seemingly her entire new school) favors.)

Just when she's sure she's going to be a complete social outcast, Jas and Mason, two 'geeks' (except not exactly) in AP Art class befriend her. They even invite her to Jas' for lunch.

But what would a Gossip Girl-esque book be without a bi***y Queen Bee and her entourage and then some drama?

(and here sort of becomes a little review-y...)

Art-y Rio falls in with Jas and Mason and the 'art geeks' and their druginess (they smoke pot during that first lunch at Jas' and lots of other times) and one of their main pastimes seems to be sitting around talking about how stupid/dumb/ugly/stupid/idiotic the cheerleaders, jocks, popular kids are and engaging in verbal sparring with them.

But then when given the opportunity, of course, Rio becomes Kristi's (Queen Bee) best friend and that group says all the horrible stuff to Mason and Jas-with no argument from Rio.

I really didn't like this book. The 'popular' kids were calling the art kids on the drugs they were using and told Rio how they were just druggies.....but that was kind of true. Okay, so yes they did do the art and I'm all for anyone in art (don't ever doubt that) but when a character's constantly high but he's the good guy just because you make him arty.. Well, it doesn't make his 'enemies' wrong if they call him a druggie and he is basically constantly high.

So I didn't like the two character that I was supposed to like and be rooting for but I didn't like Kristi and her group either. Kristi was, basically every thing anyone's ever accused Kate Moss of-true or not-minus the model bit.

A bunch of coked out or stoned secondary characters, a wishy washy main character who couldn't stand up for herself at all, this book did not work for me. (And oh how I'm worried for Evermore now....) The writing itself (grammar, sentence structure, word choice-that sort of thing) was perfectly fine I think, I just didn't like what it all added up to tell.

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(Did anyone not like this and like her other books?)


  1. Not my style but a great review. Your description had me rooting for her.

  2. @Juju
    I'm hoping some of her other books work better for me


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