Monday, March 2, 2009

Killer Cruise ~ Jennifer Shaw review

Killer Cruise
September 23, 2008
368 pages

Ashley is about to turn sixteen, but she doesn't want the typical Sweet Sixteen, instead she, a few friends, her half sister (who's doubling as a sort of chaperone), and her boyfriend are taking a birthday cruise. Ashley is sure it's going to be the best birthday ever.

And with all the fun in the sun and the ship's ammenities there's definitely lots to do....only someone's out to kill Ashley!

From the hot guy she meets on the first day, to her frenemy Tabitha, to the boyfriend she has some problems with, there a plenty of suspects...and plently of odd and even dangerous happenings, too.

Will Ashley even make it to her Sweet Sixteen?

Killer Cruise was a fun summer-y read that also did a great job mixing the mystery in. There were fun little cliffhangers at the end of the chapters, too. Sometimes it seemed like the 'mystery' was obvious and not so much a mystery anymore but then things would get a little tricky again.

The only trouble I really had with the book was that it was supposed to be a romance and I never really liked the two romantic leads together. I guess the best way to explain it is...if you liked Buffy you still liked Buffy in Season Four when she was dating Riley but you didn't think Buffy and Riley made any sense dating each other and really wondered why she got so gaga for him. So the Ashley/boy-I'm-not-naming parts didn't work for me like the Buffy/Riley parts didn't work for me but they only detracted a little from me enjoying the other action happening. It did make me stop every once in a while to say 'Why those two?' but the story was enjoyable.

(Hopefully my Buffy analogy didn't throw anyone off (: )

7/10 because it is a romance and I didn't understand the two characters being romantic with each other

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