Monday, February 2, 2009


I'm finally writing up some reviews...but first I wanted to thank everyone who wished my puppy (and me) well :) She's doing much, much better now--I think she's actually fine except for having the stitches.

We'd taken her to the vet two weeks before and he said it was colitis and gave her antibiotics, but she wasn't getting all better so we called a few times and she was going the next Monday (he was out of town Thus-Mon or something). But that Friday we decided to call our old vet and take her in.

Turns out puppy had the same thing my older dog had in October before she died (the same thing we kept bringing up to was-our-current-vet who said colitis). She had surgery about an hour later (it was something that could put her in shock or destoy her other organs, so..) and was actually much better in just a couple of days. I was just worried because of this random, rare, never-heard-of-it-before-October thing hapening again so I didn't write reviews.

That and a ~70-90 (she lost a lot of weight, some since October but also fast in 2 weeks-but it's coming back) trying to sit on your lap who will hit your computer.

But I should be back now.

A review of Gamer Girl is scheduled to be posted a little before 2pm today and I'll try to write up some more now.

Sorry, also, to everyone who I owe an email..I've been pretty bad about that.

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