Saturday, December 13, 2008

MySpace Update

Currently I'm not on MySpace.. MySpace isn't compatible with IE6 anymore (it gave me a huge message when I tried something) and I can't view blogs at all (mine, my page about my blog, anyone else's) and IE7 makes my comuter act all wonky (I had to uninstall it when I had it on before) and Firefox did something with my anti-virus...

Basically, I'm off MySpace for not because all the solutions possible end in my computer breaking and I love, love this computer because it has no problems (I'm way careful) and not using MySpace is a lot easier and cheaper than buying a new laptop :)

If I can use someone else's laptop to mass copy-paste my reviews over some days then I'll still try to do that... *thinks of all the contests she's going to miss :(*

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