Friday, October 3, 2008

Another Awesome October Contest (@ Brooke Taylor's Blogs)

one other fun October long series of contests to tell you about since I don't have a enough books to make a whole October post about just yet...

Brooke Taylor has "Monster Month of Giveaways" to celebrate Halloween because she actually loves it more than I do. My birthday is 10 days before Halloween so there was always Halloween stuff going on or I had a Halloween themed party...and then a few years in a row I worked on a production that had its performances the week before Halloween so like the day more than most...but Brooke Taylor seems to LOVE it which is good for you because it equals books and other prizes...

October 2-9th (Vampires) is up now & it's 2 prize packs with different House of Night books and other fun stuff

Calendar (Thur-Thur):

October 9-16th: Ghosts!

October 16-23rd: Zombies!

October 23rd-30th: Faeries!

October 31st: Paranormal Power Ball!(from all previous entries)

& it's on her blogger blog, MySpace, & Livejournal (you can enter once on each). Current contest is here

Oh, and my blog has that 'followers' thing now.... *is subtle but not*

(It's not Buffy related at all--that I know of--but Buffy is vampire related, I miss Buffy and Buffy has the best vampires really...yes, Buffy kicks the you know what out of Twilight and not because it's TV and Twilight's a book because Twilight will be a movie and Buffy has books...and not even because I have a freakishly strong suspicion that I won't go into that Buffy would so kick Bella's butt even if she weren't all super-powery...yeah, I'll shut up now because I do actually like Twilight but it's not sounding like it ;))

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