Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Book Covers...

I have a sort of obsession with book covers and have been known to buy a book just because it has a pretty cover... But what about when they use they same (or very, very, very similar) photo for different covers?

Oxford Up Children's 2006 & Candlewick 2007

Avon A 2006 & Candlewick 2007

edit: adding these two:

Little, Brown Young Readers Feb 1, 2009 & St Martin's Griffin Feb 3, 2009

(how one's 2 day's after the other, I don't know...)

Harvest Books 2007 & Bloomsbury USA Children's Books 2008

I know those last two aren't the same photos, but I found it interesting how similar they are...If anyone has any other covers that are the same/similar, I'd love to see them or hear what you think about these.

I also think it's interesting that two of these are Candlewick books--maybe they're just the two I've seen/noticed, maybe not. (And the Ivy cover is the import cover, the US one is different).

(The Tantalize hardcover is actually redder and the paperback is actually from 2008, so I sort of combined years/covers...oops.)

(On either the Mad Girls or Confessions cover, the dress is pink--I own both of them and know that much but can't remember which one for sure.)

Actual reviews coming when I'm not sick :[

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  1. Ooooh you found some good ones! Here's what I've found over the past few months and then the first few are movie related from like last year!



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