Friday, July 25, 2008

Undone~Brooke Taylor (Book Trailer)

This book (Undone by Brooke Taylor) is finally, finally out...I have been waiting for it to come out for so long and then somehow I missed it's actually coming out...I was so excited when I saw my Amazon wishlist button had changed from 'pre-order' to actual 'order' that I thought about trying to go to Barnes and Noble last night when there was a car opportunity even though it was going to be after ten....(it ended up being after midnight so it didn't matter, but...still!)

Really though, at least think about getting the book?


  1. HI! Thanks so much for posting!! My B&N didn't have Undone on the shelves. I think some places think it comes out Aug.1 :-( Borders had it though, front and center--yay!!! ~Brooke

  2. " My B&N didn't have Undone on the shelves"
    Oooh..their website says mine doesn't either...and I don't ahve a Borders or anything else anywhere near here. Maybe Target will have gotten it, they've been getting a lot of books lately :)

    Or I'll keep hoping for Reviewer X's contest ;)

    Yay for your Borders, though!

  3. Already have a copy - it's so good!


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