Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Whistling In the Dark- Lesley Kagen

Whistling In the Dark
NAL Trade (May 1, 2007)
320 Pages
$13.95 (paperback)

Before he dies (not of natural causes), Sally O'Malley's father makes her make him some promises; and she's a girl who doesn't break promies. Not even when her mother ends up in the hospital, she and her little sister are left in the care of their drunken step-father and absentee older sister, or when there's a murderer on the loose.

And that murderer is after the girls. At least that's what Sally has decided in her over active ten-year-old imagination. That's right, the main character is a 1959. With an overactive imagination....and the murderer of two neighborhood girls out there.

It all adds up to a very intriguing story told from the point of view of a lovable main character. Though darker than I had thought it was going to be (the 'murderer' bit was mentioned on the back of the book but....) it was a great book....The fact that it was darker than I expected could be because I originally saw the cover on TeensReadToo and originally thought it was going to be a YA book, though.

My only real problem with it was the bad language used by the characters, the girls specifically. The author herself was 10 in 1959 and everything else is written to fit the time period (enough that there were a few references I wasn't sure I completely got) but the children in the book swore a lot ('hell', 'f***', 'damn', probably others) and it through me off because it didn't seem to fit....and didn't seem entirely necessary. (I know there were serious things happening in the book, but the cursing didn't seem to happen at those times...or be because of that). Maybe I'm putting too much onto this, but it bothered me.

7 (but if the language doesn't bother you like it did me, make it maybe and 8

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