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Dead Is Just a Rumor ~ Marlene Perez rumor

Dead Is Just a Rumor (Dead is #4)
August 23, 2010
216 pages
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(Pretty spoilery for the previous books in the series)

Synopsis: After defeating the doppelgangers in Marlene Perez's last Dead is book, Daisy finally has her father back in her life after a six year disappearance. With her two older sisters still living at home, her boyfriends werewolf-ness out in the open and her job at the diner, life should be great for Daisy.

Her father still sees Daisy as the twelve year old girl she was when he left, not the eighteen year old she is now,s o he's more than a little bit over protective. And the cooking lessons that she wins with a prestigious chef--and expects to improve her days--turn out to be more trouble than she expected. Top that all with it Daisy's senior year, being roped into planning the school dance that coincides with the town's anniversary (and Halloween), and a kooky guidance counselor.

Review: Dead is Just a Rumor was another fun book in this series. It does bring in a lot from past books, but not so much that you'd be completely lost without reading the first three books (most everything is recapped at some point). Like the previous books, Rumor would work well for middle grade readers as well as young adult readers.

(*spoilers here again*)Where this book is different from the earlier books is there are more new characters in this one that are central to the storyline (including Daisy's father). I didn't love the father's inclusion in the book, but it was a nice resolution to the plot of earlier books and I'd like to see where it goes in the next book. (*and end here*)

I like that each Dead Is book has its own mystery that is solved within the book, characters that carry over from book to book and storylines that develop over the series--it works so that you can read each book individually but rewards those who read the whole series, too.

Series: (in order)
Dead Is the New Black (my review here)
Dead Is So Last Year
Dead Is a State of Mind
Dead Is Just a Rumor
Dead Is Not an Option (May 2, 2011)

Rating: 7/10

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