Tuesday, May 21, 2013

All I Need ~ Susane Colasanti (earc) review

All I Need
Viking Juvenile
May 21, 2013
240 pages

When Skye meets Seth at the beach party, there's an instant connection. It's a feeling she thought was reserved only for fictional romances, those in movies and books, and something she thought she'd never feel herself. It's obvious they have something real.

When Seth leaves for college before they're able to exchange contact info, Sky's left wondering if everything was a real as she thought -- and felt. Wondering, but still hoping.

If the two do make their way back to each other, will things be the same as they were? Are they really something special . . . or were they not meant to last, after all?

All I Need, Susane Colasanti's newest release, out today, is told, in alternating chapters, through both Skye and Seth's points-of-view. Beginning at the beach party where they meet the story then follows their whirlwind romance and later their separation. As Skye and Seth go on divergent paths, readers are able to see what they're each up to and whether or not they're thinking about each other and missing the other.

As well as, of course, whether or not they do, in fact, get back together.

Colasanti did a great job with Seth and Skye's relationship. Their romance in the beginning is fast, but it's undeniably sweet. It does have that almost fictional, only-in-the-movies feeling to it. After that, however, when things get more difficult for the pair, as they're separated and their feelings, their whole 'relationship' really, come into question, the story feels very real.

It would be easy, perhaps, to keep the entire novel cute and happy, light and breezy. Yet, it's the tougher things the characters go through that make it feel more true to life. There is definitely still some sweet in the story, just less than the 'honeymoon' phase we see in the very beginning.

We experience a very enjoyable read because we get to read about Skye's life including her friends, their romances and their relationships with each other, about Seth and his starting out at college along with some of his family troubles. All along the Seth and Skye story line that keeps things real by not being sunshine and rainbows when that's not realistic.

The time jumps that occur do get a bit confusing. Well, maybe not confusing but one chapter is sometimes directly after the previous chapter or in line with it, sometimes it's weeks or months after it and it's not always obvious right away. When I was expecting certain chapters to be followed up by a chapter by the other character in/around the same time only to have it be months later, it was strange.

The jumps leave you missing some connection with the characters that follow-up (ie that second chapter) would have presented. One of the things I love most about dual narration novels is that I usually connect with them more. When the same situation is seen through two characters' eyes, it gives some insight into each of the characters and enhances the reader's connection with, likely, both characters. In All I Need a lot of events (time periods, really) were told only by one character. I didn't connect with the characters in this novel as much as I would have liked and I think this may have been a big part of why.

All I Need does leave you thinking about how one little moment, one little thing can possibly change your life forever. It's a great read, good for (almost) summertime.

Rating: 8/10

review copy received from LibraryThing Early Reviewers & Penguin

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  1. I've seen this one around on netgalley and have really had the time to request and review it. I'm glad that you liked it, maybe sometime down the line I'll have the chance to read this one :) Great review!


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