Saturday, December 29, 2012

Cinema Saturday

Radio Rebel
Image Entertainment
June 19, 2012
NR (TV movie/Disney); 89 minutes
with Debby Sarena Parmar & Ryan, Adam DiMarco
info at IMDb/buy on Amazon/Amazon Instant Video

Radio Rebel is a Disney Channel original movie (now available on DVD) based off of Danielle Joseph's debut novel Shrinking Violet -- which I reviewed here.

It's been quite a while since I read Shrinking Violet and from what I do remember Radio Rebel is both quite a bit different, but also has a lot of similarities in the larger aspects of the story. Tere in the book is Tara in the movie and is still the painfully shy (again, the cute, adorable kind of shy) girl who finds an outlet in an unexpected place: being a radio DJ.  Her stepfather, in both places, provides the radio station connection that presents both a fantastic opportunity as well as its own challenges.

Radio Rebel's hit the big time, but along with the positives come the risk of everyone finding out just who Radio Rebel is -- and ending Tara's anonymity -- and a principal who's made Radio Rebel her enemy.

As Tara tries to juggle her dual life, with some on the verge of finding out and bringing everything to an end, can she also deal with her social life and overcome her social life? Enough to talk to the boy she's had a crush on forever?

Radio Rebel is a lot of fun if you've read Shrinking Violet, it's different enough that it's not a straight repeat but it's close enough that it's really enjoyable to see the characters brought to life. If you haven't read the book, it's still a movie that's fun to watch -- really, when are singing boys, mean girls, and learning to be yourself not a recipe for a good time? -- and then you'll have to read the book as well!

While it's definitely a tween-age movie (it was a Disney movie, after all), it's also one of the better ones that easily works for a lot more ages than just the main, targeted range. I'm really glad I remembered that I'd missed this one and that I'd wanted to see it.

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