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Until I Die ~ Amy Plum

Until I Die (Reveants #2)
May 8, 2012
357 pages
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Likely contains spoilers for Revenants Book One, Die For Me ~ my review

It seems as if Kate and Vincent have gotten past the danger and (most of) the naysayers and can finally be together.  With things calmer, their relationship is able to develop - they can go on dates, get to know each other better without the constant threat of death hanging over them - and truly enjoy their time together.

But, will Vincent be able to fight off the need he feels to sacrifice himself to save humans? When staying alive (or as alive as he is) means keeping his promise to Kate?

As a new enemy emerges, the revenants - and Kate - also have to wonder if the numa are really as gone as they seem, or just biding their time.

Can they all survive this, too?

Until I Die lets readers see Kate and Vincent trying to be just Kate and Vincent without worrying about explaining their supernatural status to the other (Vincent) or having just moved to a new country after the death of their parents (Kate).

It's a bit more slow and steady in the beginning without all of that - the danger, the mystery of who or what Vincent and his friends are, the introduction to the revenants, and then the danger. Likely because of things already being established and the readers getting to get a bit more of Kate and Vincent's relationship, while not at all boring by far, Until I Die does lose some of the allure and intrigue that Die for Me had.

You already know who the players are (well save for a few new ones), what they are and how things work with them. It's not as mysterious. That's not to say we don't learn some great new things in Until I Die both about different characters (some things that I feel a little dumb for not putting together!) and the revenants, of course.

The beginning, while not my favorite part of the book - though I loved Kate and her new friendship because it was cute - was absolutely necessary for readers to see more of who the characters are in their more laid back time. Kate also explores something that seems fairly innocuous when she starts but might be more. It's also necessary because of how brilliantly things come together at the end.

I just love the way things all converge and when you don't quite expect it, either. I loved the way things came together - not all good and not all bad!

While I'll admit I might have been expecting something else in the beginning of Until I Die based on the first book, I do appreciate that there wasn't some tragic event or some brand new character that popped out of the woodwork and stole Vincent's heart (and broke Kate's) leaving them to work out their troubles for most of the book. Allowing them to be together - and their relationship to grow even, was a nice change from what happens in a lot of second-in-the-series-books. So, I maybe didn't love the beginning, but I appreciated that.

(And more Jules, next book?)

Rating: 8/10

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